A thought-experiment about Arcs. 
Many Series were cancelled at the end of the first season. Where do you think the arcs would have gone?
 How would you have continued the series?
Check Out Pushing Daisies

It had a distinctive style, interesting premise, lots of characters and an unusual situation along with fluid directing.
Why do you think it didn't get to the second season?

Here's a bunch of links for background.





The wire has generated a fair amount of coverage about  their arcs.  Arcs that tie the series together - set each episode in a larger story and, of those larger stories, create a deeper version.  It's what sets clocks a-ticking.. It can be general...could be very specific. Here's some good links to deal with "The Wire's" Arc.

This link will introduce the series to you, just in case you haven't seen it:

There'll be copies in the Library - always a good idea to screen a few episodes. Make sure you see the pilot.

Invasion - another well-planned & 'should have worked' series.

Here's a bunch of links to explore. And another invitation to a Thought-Experiment. Why didn't this get continued? Where might the arc have gone? What was planned for the series if it continued?  What would you have done?