Having moved from Analogue to Digital....means words become more fluid, & the pixel-thinking-over-view putting things together or apart. We're now using the cloth of time & space as the new enfolder of projective narration.

So much going on all at once - as usual!  Here's RadioHead & the digs of digital. Got the shovel in the pixilated earth.

Stories are particular. They emerge from our interface with what we think of as life.

In our website Dramatic Elements, we'll be expanding how the Format itself us how to create, plan and shoot a film than will any describer of previous Narrative.

While you're waiting to watch our digital links expand...take a few minutes and see the Narrative of Oral Tradition.

I notice someone has posted an old film I produced and directed... it's over at YouTube, Notice how real life provided all that I worked with


The Mummers come from a time when true drama was in every home, and every outport was a group-created stage... Despite the past age's focus on the outmoded concept of  Auteur...film knows that all movies, every documentary, all videos are created by group-writing. We are not so much creating as rearranging....   

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